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The biggest benefit of the elliptical machine is safety. For sports equipment, safety is one of the most important factors. Exercise is originally intended to make our bodies healthier. But if you are injured while using sports equipment, it is not worth the loss. The elliptical machine is a very safe piece of exercise equipment to use. First of all, the elliptical machine is an active exercise. Active exercise means that you can stop at any time and control the intensity of the exercise at any time.


From low-impact exercising to full-body workouts, these five advantages make commercial elliptical cross trainers a hit among fitness lovers worldwide

Low Impact Workout: Working out on an elliptical machine involves paddling movements. The movement doesn’t involve pounding, as you don’t take your feet off the paddle. Hence, the exercise is softer on joints and muscles, especially those of the individual’s knees and lower body.

More Calories Burnt

This is another significant reason why people should exercise on cross trainers. There are two interrelated reasons for it. First, while working out on an elliptical, the person uses his upper as well as lower body and feet as well as hands to make the exercise more effective. Secondly, the person uses a larger group of muscles, putting more muscles to work and thus helping the user lose more calories than treadmills and exercise bikes, which, although effective, engage only the person’s lower body.

Varying Workout Intensities

Every gym member would come with a unique fitness requirement and objective. Hence, you cannot have a single type of treadmill for everyone. You should have a set of advanced ellipticals that enable users to increase and decrease workout intensities based on their needs. In addition, advanced cross trainers would also have features like live heart rate and pulse monitoring, calories burnt, etc., to monitor daily targets and track regular progress.

Safer Exercising

This is related to the first point but has another unique advantage associated with it. So, being low-impact is one thing. Users don’t hurt their knees or lower body joints and muscles while working out on an elliptical. But since users remain seated on the machine’s seat, loss of balance or falls are a rare possibility.

Full Body Workout

As mentioned earlier, working out on an elliptical engages the upper and lower body and a more extensive group of muscles. While pumping the handles back and forth helps tone the chest, shoulders, back, and arms, paddling strengthens the lower body. These factors refer to a full and, therefore, a more effective body workout.

Product Parameters

Cup Holders


Integrated Accessory Tray



Oversized Non-slip Pedals

Resistance Levels


On the Fly Programming


Heart Rate Monitoring

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Resistance Controls

Rotary switch

Dimensions (L x W x H)

(L) 211 cm x (W) 51 cm x (H) 174 cm


80 kg

Resistance Controls

rotary switch

Maximum User Weight

180 kg

Product Display
  • No-impact movement
    The front drive creates a fluid trajectory and smooth movement,reducing stress on muslces and joints.
  • Training variety
    The central hand grips allow you to focus on your lower body ,while the handlebars involve the arms ,torso and legs for a total body workout.
  • On-the-fly heart rate monitoring
    The central hand grips are fitted with hand sensors that constantly monitor your heart rate making a chest strap unnecessary

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