What are the aspects of maintaining a treadmill?

More and more people are using treadmills for exercise. Everyone is already familiar with how to operate a treadmill correctly for exercise. However, in addition to being familiar with how to use a treadmill correctly, you must also be familiar with how to maintain a treadmill.Proper maintenance of the treadmill can not only ensure the normal use of the treadmill, but also extend the service life of the treadmill.So let’s take a look at what maintenance needs to be done on the treadmill.


The first is the cleaning and maintenance of the treadmill.It is important to know that the accumulation of dust may cause malfunction of the internal parts of the machine and affect the normal operation of the treadmill.After exercising on a treadmill, there may be dust or even footprints on the treadmill, so you can clean it after each exercise.During the running process, sweat will definitely evaporate. You can use industrial alcohol to wipe the parts where sweat drips after exercise to prevent sweat from invading the surface of the treadmill body and causing oxidation of the equipment.


Then there is the adjustment and maintenance of the treadmill.Before exercising, you need to check whether the position of the treadmill's running belt has deviated from the middle position. If it deviates, you need to adjust it to center the running belt to avoid friction and wear caused by friction between the running belt and the side strips during exercise.After the treadmill has been used for a period of time, the belt of the motor may become loose, which may cause intermittent jittering when the treadmill is used.Therefore, you can use tools to loosen the screws fixing the motor base, and then adjust the adjusting bolts on the motor belt clockwise.


The last thing is the lubrication and maintenance of the treadmill.After a treadmill has been used for a certain period of time, it is necessary to lubricate the running boards and belts.If there is too little lubricating oil, the friction between the running board and the running belt will increase, which may lead to running belt wear, power short circuit, fuse breakage, motor damage, etc.Therefore, it is best to lubricate the treadmill regularly.However, it should be noted that lubrication cannot be increased excessively. It is necessary to lubricate reasonably after inspection according to the actual use of the treadmill.


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