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Madagascar-Fit Box Gym 500 SQM-MT-70 Serie

Fit Box Fitness, the most well-equipped and popular fitness center in Madagascar, covering an area of 500 square meters with strength equipment, treadmills, spinning bikes, personal trainers, etc. Mr. Toky use GANAS the most cost-effective and popular MT-70 series strength equipment matched the KY- 790 heavy-duty commercial treadmill with unique design. The black painting with black cushion, and the overall yellow decoration make it high-end and warm. They have professional coaching team so members exclusively enjoy one-to-one private coaching services.

And we are very happy to invite Madagascar Fit Box customers to visit the GANAS factory. GANAS has a 2,800-square-meter exhibition hall, where you can experience various brands of fitness equipment to choose your favorite fitness equipment, or we We can make a plan for you; at the same time, you can also clearly see our high-quality fitness equipment and communicate face-to-face with the design of the gym.

Setting up a commercial gym is a process of professional design and scientific configuration. It requires rational use of space and professional configuration of equipment. To sum up in one sentence: the area can be smaller, but it must be used to its best advantage to give full play to the role of each fitness equipment. Cater to everyone's preferences and exercise plans to increase the usage of fitness equipment.

GANAS gym equipment helps customers follow several major points from preliminary project research and site deployment, to product configuration and fitness guidance, to operation management and after-sales service.

1. Divide areas according to sports needs. The first rule of commercial gym design is the division of areas. According to the light required by different indoor and outdoor environments, reasonable lighting forms and layout plans should be adopted. According to different sports needs, GANAS fitness equipment divides the fitness area into several zones: aerobic zone, free strength zone, fixed strength zone and so on.

2. Harmonious proportion of space and color. The second rule of commercial gym design is space establishment. Space color is an important structure in creating an aesthetic sense. GANAS creates an appropriate fitness space environment atmosphere by harmoniously matching space and color, with a high-energy effect and motivating people to actively participate in training.

Equipment distribution density, the third rule of commercial gym design. To accurately plan the equipment distribution density, two main issues need to be considered: one is whether fitness players with adjacent equipment will affect each other during exercise; the other is safety during the fitness process. question. When setting up a gym with GANAS fitness equipment, clear planning and distribution of rights and responsibilities reduce accident risks and injuries during exercise.

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