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Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the basic demands of the people. With the improvement of living standards, fitness has become more and more popular, whether it is for the health needs of physical fitness or the beauty needs of losing fat and shaping.

As public awareness of fitness and health gradually increases, the market demand for corporate gyms has also grown significantly.For enterprises, meeting the needs of employees and ensuring their physical and mental health will help improve individual work efficiency and create a better team atmosphere.Additionally, corporate gyms can provide a nice draw during the hiring process.


At present, in order to keep employees physically and mentally healthy, many enterprises and institutions have built special employee gyms to allow employees to have more fun in life after work.For example, the recently completed project of Ganas Gym Equipment, which has been involved in the fitness equipment industry for many years,it is mainly equipped with cardio equipment and some strength equipment. The aerobic fitness equipment includes treadmills, elliptical machines, spinning bikes and rowing machines. The strength fitness equipment includes comprehensive trainers, dumbbells, barbells, abdominal muscle boards, etc., which are professional, complete and high-end. The configuration can fully meet the sports and fitness needs of employees and enhance their enthusiasm for exercise.


Corporate gym design is a way for Ganas Gym Equipment to provide customers with customized fitness services and resources based on the rich experience gained in its professional field.The most important thing about gym configuration is the division of areas to create a fitness atmosphere. According to the light required by different indoor and outdoor environments, reasonable lighting forms and layout plans are determined to meet the exercise needs of users in different areas.


According to the needs of users, Ganas Gym equipment divides the fitness area into: aerobic area, fixed strength area, free strength area, private area, multi-functional exercise room, spinning room, bathing and changing area and other well-divided areas.


1.Aerobics area. This area mainly houses fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, and rowing machines.This area is placed near the window with a clear view, so that when running, you can enjoy the outside scenery while running, which will make the runners more relaxed and improve the exercise effect.


2.Fixed equipment area: This area contains some commonly used fixed fitness equipment. There are only 9-12 commonly used fitness equipment.If the venue is relatively large, it can be increased according to specific circumstances.


3.Free strength area: The free strength area is filled with strength equipment such as multi jungle trainers, Smith machines, squat racks, and dumbbells.When planning and designing this area, the load-bearing capacity of the floor and the impact of equipment on the ground need to be considered. The ground material needs to be paved with cushioning glue.In addition, you can create a necessary mirror wall for immersive fitness. On the one hand, it is convenient for exercisers to observe and correct their own movements; on the other hand, the space is larger.


4.Private area: The private area is designed in a separate area. The ground is paved with special sports floor glue and a stretching frame is installed on the top.


5.Multifunctional gymnasium: This area is mainly a place for exercisers to practice aerobics and yoga classes. If conditions permit, a separate yoga area can be set up. The specific layout needs to be considered based on the actual situation.The lighting on the top is designed to have two modes: dynamic and cool lighting and ordinary lighting, with a separate podium set up.


6.Spinning room: Spinning is a highly stimulating project, so it is generally arranged in a space that can be noticed throughout the gym.In addition, the space of the spinning room should be spacious enough to avoid unnecessary collisions. Because the music in the spinning area is loud, attention should also be paid to sound insulation.The air flow must also be good to provide a comfortable exercise environment for exercisers.The smart lighting effects in the spinning room can refer to the stage lighting design to drive the warm atmosphere of the cycling room space, and color matching can also be used to visually activate the atmosphere of the space.


7.Bathing and changing areas, these two areas can be separated or set up separately, depending on the size and needs of the gym.Some fitness studios need to receive customers, so they often set up a front lobby reception area, a rest area and a separate negotiation and leisure space to facilitate communication between members and coaches.


After solving the space planning problem of the gym, we must also pay attention to the use of equipment.Generally speaking, because gyms are used by a wide range of people, everyone’s body shape varies greatly. Therefore, gyms will use commercial-grade and more professional fitness equipment to ensure the service life of the equipment.The use of professional fitness equipment can also help reduce equipment wear and tear, reduce equipment maintenance costs, and also allow customers to achieve a better fitness experience.Commercial fitness equipment is selected for the gym configuration because commercial products have complete comprehensive performance, can meet the needs of people of different body types, and can also bring users a smoother and more comfortable exercise experience.

Finally, it is recommended that when planning a gym, you must ask a professional team to tailor it to ensure the safety of the entire construction and subsequent use.At this point, the professional experience of Ganas Gym Equipment is quite reliable. With 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, it has always been brave in pioneering and innovating and committed to the supply of high-quality fitness equipment.Focus on the design and research of fitness and sports venue space, and provide customized fitness/health services and resources for Fortune 500 companies, fitness clubs, star hotels, military and police academies, and real estate companies.It is worth mentioning that Ganas Gym Equipment provides free 2D/3D drawing design, professional overall planning solutions, early unit group classes or video guidance, and nationwide 48-hour after-sales emergency solutions.

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