With the correct fitness method, the results will get better and better

Fitness also requires attention to methods. Wrong fitness behaviors will not only fail to achieve fitness results, but will also damage your health.Therefore, stay away from wrong fitness methods. After all, health is the first goal. Find a fitness method that suits you and stick to it for a long time, and the results will get better and better!

Here are a few correct fitness methods:

  1. 1.Need to warm up before exercising

Sufficient warm-up activities before fitness exercises can prevent muscle strains and ligament injuries.Spend 5-10 minutes getting your body moving. This is a great start to your fitness routine!


2.Actions should be standardized

Irregular movements can cause unexpected damage to joints, muscles, and ligaments.For example, when practicing barbell squats, if you hold your chest and arch your waist, it will not only affect the quality of training, but also cause lumbar spine injury.Therefore, in order to avoid poor posture and irregular movements, you can exercise under the guidance of a coach or professional.


3.Exercise intensity should be moderate

In different seasons and environments, the amount of exercise needs to be appropriately adjusted.Especially fitness training areas are not suitable for high-intensity exercise, and you should not ignore your own situation in pursuit of "immediate results".When you feel uncomfortable or find that your heart beats faster and you cannot finish a sentence in one breath, it means that your exercise is excessive. If you push hard and cause sports injuries, the consequences will be disastrous. After all, the purpose of fitness is for health!When you think you are not in good physical condition, you can choose easy exercise; when you have been exercising for a long time, you can gradually increase the intensity of exercise.No matter what, don't put too much pressure on yourself and exercise consistently, and you will benefit from it.


4.Aerobic exercise and strength exercise

Many people only perform aerobic exercise when exercising. In fact, strength exercise can help you continue to burn calories when you are not exercising, help maintain muscle weight, and make people look younger.

A combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercise is the best fat loss training method.Because aerobic exercise can achieve the purpose of burning calories, it cannot increase the basal metabolic rate for a long time.Although strength exercise cannot increase the heart rate for a long time, it can increase muscle mass and improve basal metabolism, allowing people to consume more calories at rest.


5.If you experience severe mood swings or poor condition, please reduce the amount of exercise or stop exercising.

Clinical psychologists point out that people should not exercise when they are highly stressed or have severe mood swings, otherwise it will damage the body and cause mental illness.


6.Maintain good living habits

Fitness exercise is one of the ways to change your physical condition. While exercising, you must also pay attention to a healthy diet and work and rest time.It is most taboo to eat just after exercise, because half an hour after exercise is when the body's absorption capacity is the best. If you eat, you will easily make up for the calories you just consumed during exercise.


7.Try a new way to exercise

Health experts engaged in fitness activities believe that any kind of exercise method has its advantages and disadvantages.If you do the same movement for a long time or bear the same weight for too long, your muscles will become inertially fatigued, and your efforts will be in vain.As long as it is an exercise method that is beneficial to the human body, you can actively participate in it instead of choosing one method.


8.Fitness is targeted at all parts of the body

Fitness targets various parts of the body, and many people often focus on upper body training but ignore lower body training.The lower limbs are the source of body strength and the driving force for walking.Doing more leg training in fitness can promote the balanced development of the whole body, and the strength will continue to break through, and the stability and explosive power of the lower limbs will be improved.


9.Necessary relaxation after fitness

After exercising, your body also needs time to calm down and allow your heart rate to return to normal.Just like after a few minutes of relaxation time after yoga, the whole person becomes light and relaxed, feeling full of energy.After exercising, you should also remember not to take a shower immediately, sit down and rest immediately, eat immediately, or drink cold water or take a shower immediately.

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