Myanmar-WOW Sports Complex 1500SQM - Top Quality LF Series

WOW Sports Complex is located on a busy street in Yangon, Myanmar. It covers an area of 1,000 square meters and integrates strength equipment, treadmills, spinning bikes, comprehensive training equipment, personal training, football fields, swimming pools, table tennis, etc. It is a comprehensive fitness club. After comparing quality, price, service and other aspects with multiple suppliers, the gym owner finally imported equipment from the GANAS factory. The overall decoration is colorful and full of vitality, and it is both high-end and warm.

WOW Sports Complex uses the most high-end fitness equipment from GANAS and strives to create a high-end fitness club with complete facilities, fashionable and generous.

The aerobic fitness area mainly displays treadmills, elliptical machines and other equipment suitable for use by all types of people. Maintaining regular, quantitative and regular aerobic exercise can help improve physical fitness, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and promote blood circulation; it can also relieve tension and anxiety in life and release work pressure.

Not to mention how exciting the spinning room in the gym is, you can dance and dance while exercising. In addition, spinning bike is effective in losing weight and fat quickly. Long-term exercise can shape a beautiful body and help you successfully lose weight. Strengthen your body and improve your cardiopulmonary function. Riding a spinning bike is an activity that requires continuous and repeated activities within a certain period of time, at a certain speed and a certain training intensity, requiring a certain amount of exercise to gradually increase the heart rate to the prescribed maximum and minimum safety levels. Within the heartbeat range. Cycling on an exercise bike at a certain intensity for a long time can help improve cardiopulmonary function.

For strength training, it is equipped with a commercial Smith comprehensive trainer, which can train arm strength such as pull-ups and parallel bar arm extensions, as well as train chest muscles such as bench press and chest press to meet people with different exercise needs. Regular strength training can strengthen the muscles of the whole body, delay joint aging, and make the body more flexible

In addition to the gym, WOW Sports Complex is also equipped with a swimming pool, football field, table tennis court, billiards and other fitness and entertainment activities.

GANAS is committed to being a professional gym. Professional gyms use more professional and comprehensive fitness equipment for exercise, which can not only help us complete our movements better, but also minimize our risk of injury during training.

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