All you need to know about wholesale gym equipment in China

Wholesale gym equipment in China is a big deal. So much so it can save your company a lot of money for high-quality products if you know where to look. In this article we are going to cover the following aspects:


1.What is wholesale gym equipment?

2.Things you need to consider before buying wholesale gym equipment from China.


What is wholesale gym equipment

Wholesale gym equipment is the practice of buying and selling larger quantities of gym equipment than what would be used for personal use. It is normally for business to business transactions (B2B). Wholesale is different than retail which is for consumer consumption or business to customer (B2C).


A wholesale gym equipment buyer is generally buying for one of these two reasons:


Resale-They own a gym equipment store and buy in bulk with the intention of reselling it to consumers.

Projects-where there is a need for large purchases of gym equipment such as commercial gym,hotels gym,and women's gym.


Things you need to consider before buying wholesale gym equipment from China

When buying wholesale fitness equipment from China there is a lot of things you need to consider such as source, price, and logistics.


What to do to ensure high quality for your wholesale gym equipment from China

Before purchasing gym equipment from China make sure your logistic side of things is in order.


Especially things such as quality control which here at Ganas we split into three parts:


1. Factory audit

Finding gym equipment online has never been easier yet without a factory audit how can you be sure the factory in China can make the fitness equipment for you?


Here at Ganas, we cover these aspects for you:

█Factory profile checking (General information)

█Production capabilities

█Factory facilities, including the condition of machinery and equipment

█Production Workflow and organization charts

█Quality assurance system & related certificates

Without a factory audit, you cannot be sure the gym equipment you are paying for is the gym equipment you will get.


2.Order processing

Once you have done a factory audit and have purchased your wholesale gym equipment from China the next step is order processing.


When you buy from China there are a lot of things which can go wrong without supervision. Trust us this comes from experience. Our recommended approach is to make sure you cover these aspects:

█Monitor material preparation.

█oversee the production schedule.

█supervise trial run and mass production.

█Coordinate on the inspection schedule.


By doing the correct steps you can ensure the best quality gym equipment possible arrives at its final destination.


3.Quality control


After a factory audit and order processing, another important part is quality control. This again can be split into 4 major sections:

█Incoming inspection

█During production inspection

█Pre-shipment inspection

█Container loading supervision


4.The logistic chain needed to buy gym equipment from China


When buying wholesale gym equipment from China, in general, there are 11 major logistic points to think about if you want to do it yourself:



█Container size

█Coordinating with a freight forwarder

█Delivery terms

█Cost calculation

█Shipping documents

█Shipping time

█Inspections declaration, custom clearance

█Cargo consolidation

█Loading monitoring

█Other issues necessary


When buying wholesale gym equipment from China there are a lot of different websites to help you find the right fitness equipment and get a great deal. However, to get the best deal possible make sure your logistic and quality control is in working order or be prepared for some surprises along the way.


Ganas gym equipment is a manufacturer that specializes in gym equipment. Ganas has had over 21 years of experience in the gym equipment industry and supply chain market to help their customers find the best possible deal in terms of price and quality. 

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