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The Pilates Advanced Ladder Tube features a curved design and is suitable for beginners to improve their core, stability and stretching exercises. Orthopedic cushioning is curved to provide comfort and support.

The name "barrel" comes from the oak barrel that Joseph Pilates used to practice; soon after, the barrel was attached to a ladder that you could climb with your feet or hands. When practicing, perform bucket ladders with your back to the stairs. The height of the barrel ladder allows you to do a large number of exercises while standing. Some of the exercises on this type of equipment are very advanced, and some can even be performed by beginners.

The ladder barrel is the simplest of Pilates machine designs, but the exercises can be as varied as any machine. The only resistance on the ladder barrel is the force of gravity acting on the body. Posture is challenged as well as many of the muscles involved in the activity.Pilates Ladder Barrels help isolate deep postural muscles and challenge the body in all planes of movement.


◆  Ladder in solid wood with four steps, allowing different levels of strength and flexibility

◆  Adjustable sliding base for variation, allowing different distances between trunk and legs

◆  Upholstered in high density foam and waterproof courvin with anti-fungus treatment

◆  Due to the curvature of the ladder barrel, it is often used to stretch the spine and help improve back flexibility and strength.

◆  The ladder barrel can not only be used for back extension, but also for special exercises of the hips and arms, comprehensive body exercises, stretching exercises, etc., and is suitable for practitioners of different levels.

◆  The unique height and design of the ladder barrel supports trainers in various actions such as standing, stretching, hanging, climbing, etc. It provides a considerable range of motion and helps improve the body's flexibility and coordination.

Product Parameters

Product Name

 Pilates Premium Ladder Barrel     

Traning spot

Body exercise






Rubber wood&maple


Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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Ganas gym equipment Abductor & Adductor features an easy-adjust start position for both inner and outer thigh exercises. Dual foot pegs accommodate a wide range of exercisers. 

Pilates Ladder Barrels help isolate deep postural muscles and challenge the body in all planes of movement. For example, one exercise requires you to sit on a barrel, facing the ladder, with your feet anchored on the rungs, and then arch back over the barrel, your vertebrae following the contours of the barrel, activating your core abdominal muscles to return to the ladder in a controlled manner. starting point. Mental focus is the key to doing this safely and effectively. Other exercises have you facing the other direction and resting your belly on the barrel, providing a supportive stretch for your spine and helping to release tension.

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