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The Container Gym is a compact, versatile fitness solution converted from high-quality steel shipping containers. This kind of gym is exquisitely designed, combining the functionality of traditional fitness facilities with the portability of containers, bringing unprecedented convenience and comfort to users.

The advantages and benefits of using Container Gym products are mainly reflected in its compactness, durability, customizability and portability.

Compactness: Container Gyms are designed to save space and do not require a large amount of space to create a fitness environment that meets all needs. This makes them ideal for urban areas or home use where space is limited.

Durability: Since container gyms were originally designed for military agencies such as the British Ministry of Defence, their quality standards are very high and they are able to withstand harsh environments and frequent use. This durability ensures a long service life and low maintenance costs.

Customizability: Users can customize the internal layout and equipment configuration of Container Gym according to their own fitness needs and preferences, thereby creating a customized training space. This personalized service allows each user to have a unique fitness experience.

Portability: The portability of Container Gyms allows users to move them to different locations as needed, making it very convenient to change training venues or relocate.


◆  Doors that open on four sides provide 360 degrees of access

◆ Set up in less than 10 minutes

◆  Can be equipped with or without small equipment

◆  Can be moved to different locations as needed for easy transportation

◆  Often converted from steel shipping containers, the structures are not only strong and durable, but also suitable for year-round use in all weather conditions

◆ Customize interior decoration and equipment configuration to create a personalized training space

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Product Name

Container Gym

Traning spot

body exercise




Italian style




Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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Ganas gym equipment Abductor & Adductor features an easy-adjust start position for both inner and outer thigh exercises. Dual foot pegs accommodate a wide range of exercisers. 

GANAS is a company from China that specializes in designing and manufacturing sports and fitness equipment. We have a history of more than twenty years. The products have been sold to many countries and regions, and the domestic business has expanded to all provinces, cities and municipalities directly under the Central Government. We always maintain advanced technology, leading design, strict testing and quick response service.

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We produce full set commercial gym equipment including commercial cardio machine like commercial treadmill, spin bike, rowing machine, high quality upright bike, recumbent bike.

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