Seated Triceps Dip

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  • GANAS Gym Equipment Strength Machine Seated Triceps Dip MG-6715
    GANAS Gym Equipment Strength Machine Seated Triceps Dip MG-6715
    MG-6015 is a commercial seated triceps press trainer. It is a special product for exercising arm triceps. Classic Amercial style shape design, the gantry is in the shape of an n, which highlights the elegance of America style and is most suitable for Asians.Selectorized triceps dip machines are strength training equipment specifically designed to strengthen and strengthen the triceps muscles. Tricep dips are so effective at working the triceps and upper body that they are often referred to as "upper body squats." Another added advantage of choosing a dip machine is that it allows trainees to dip using weight plates who would otherwise be unable to dip using their own body weight. MG-6715 Tricep Dips and Extensions includes an 80KG weight plate that slides on polished guide bars. The pneumatically adjustable seat adapts to any user height and helps determine range of motion during workouts. Angled back pad enhances triceps isolation and contraction for better gains. The handle is reversible, allowing you to use a wide grip for more pec training and a narrow grip for more triceps training.
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