Selectorized strength equipment have long been popular in the membership-based fitness industry. They are units that have one or more weight stacks, which are rectangular weight plates that are attached to the frame and utilize a system of pulleys. Users can choose how much weight they wish to lift by inserting a pin into the desired training weight. This means selectorized machines are easy to use, even for amateurs, and provide a comfortable and precise workout.

On this category our GANAS have many style gym machine, such as, American PRECOR Series, Italy Techno-gym Series, Matrix Versa Series and more. All of our strength training machines are popular in commercial gyms, fitness club, government projects and so on.

GANAS Fitness offers a wide variety of pin select machines to suit virtually any fitness need. Whether you are looking for a specialized piece for a specific muscle group–like a Neck Machine or a Reverse Back Extension–or a multi-stack piece that allows multiple users to work out at once, GANAS Fitness has what you are looking for. And thanks to different standard powder coat colors and over 20 cushion colors to choose from, you can be sure any piece of GANAS Fitness selectorized equipment will look right at a gym in your facility.

We have selected some of our most popular units from every manufacturer on this page. Come in and let our team coach you on which is right for you.

Shop with confidence at GANAS Selectorized Equipment Factory. We offer the best selection of fitness equipment on the market.

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