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Product Name:G-607 TOTAL ABDOMINAL

Product Description:

Product Number: G-607

Name: Glute

Brand: GANAS

Product Features:

Most of the people go to the gym in order to lose weight and to exercise their abdominal area, and if you want a machine that can provide you with the best abdomen workout, we can only recommend that you use our G-607 abdominal trainer also known as glute made by Ganas. This machine has got it all.

It features Innovative motion arms that help practitioners get the overall stability without needing to adjust its configurations.

This luxurious machine mainly focuses on exercising rectus and hip flexor, it also strengthens the spine and pelvic joints and helps accelerate the process of healing in case of problems.

Exercise on the glute is performed in a sitting position, with the back and legs firmly positioned against the support pads. It involves flexing the trunk forward so that the shoulders come closer to the knees.

A weight stack allows the workload to be adjusted to suit each user type. Thanks to its innovative features and numerous settings, the glute is suitable for a wide range of uses, ranging from specific protocols to high-performance athletic training.

Not to mention the fine design of the machine and the fact that it has a comfortable leather seat, the G-607 is one of our most valued products, and we truly do recommend it.

Recommend application:

1. Specially exercise rectus and hip flexor.

2. Prevents and improves spine and pelvic joints problems.

Recommend level: ★★★★★

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